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Allen Keng

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5' 7½" (1.71 m)
Allen Keng began his journey into the world of martial arts at the early age of seven. Unfortunately for Allen, his Karate instructor was mean and made him cry, and he vowed never to go back. Years passed and Allen rediscovered martial arts through the legendary Bruce Lee, who portrayed a Chinese Hero with not only the brawn, but the brains to back it up. Allen was intrigued with Lee's philosophies and took a deep interest in not only martial arts, but the philosophy of martial arts. From that point forward Allen began training in various disciplines including Mantis Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Wu Shu.His thirst for martial arts was unquenchable, finding inspiration from the likes of David Carradine, Jean Claude Van Dam, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, and of course, Jackie Chan. He expanded his training into gymnastics as well and learned how to move his body in ways he only dreamed of.He continued his training in hopes of achieving the level of excellence of his idols and secretly hoping to one day make his mark in the world.It was not till his second last year of high school that Allen discovered the world of acting. He took his first drama class and was hooked. He was able to convey so many things on stage that he could never dare to say/do in life, for Allen it was a forum where he could express his inner most thoughts and feelings live through a character. He continued his acting career in university where he was accepted to the University College Drama Program at the University of Toronto.Allen has completed his degree and currently resides in Toronto and remains an active part in the acting/stunts/performer industry in Toronto.
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