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Arnold Chun

Birth name:
Arnold Hyogong Chun
Date of Birth:
7 May 1976 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5' 10" (1.78 m)
Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Los Angeles since he was 3. He graduated from the University of California Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in European/East Asian History. During his college career he worked as a supervisor of Intramural Athletics and formed the UC Irvine men's Volleyball Club in 1997. Upon graduation Arnold took an opportunity to teach English for the Nagano Board of Education in Japan from 1998-1999. As a teacher he also found work part time writing editorials for the local English journal. With the completion of his service in Japan, Arnold found work for a fortune 500 mechanical engineering firm. He was a top consultant before leaving that field to pursue a career in Pharmaceuticals. It was at this time he found his calling for the arts.Eric Kim from EKfilms was in the process of shooting a trailer for a feature film. Arnold was referred through a friend to volunteer as a Production Assistant. Within one week, the job turned into an future opportunities and led him to a career in acting, his eyes had been opened.Over the last 4 years, Arnold has quickly risen to be a top player in the entertainment industry. He has worked with Academy Award Winning director: Clint Eastwood. He worked with F Gary Gray, and Sam Mendes. Gaining experience in casting, producing, writing and performing as an actor in numerous commercials and films, Arnold has utilized his talents to create a production company focused on telling unique stories from a multi-cultural community. Arnold is recently stepped into his directorial debut with a short film about life in Koreatown called, "Eli's Liquor Store". It has been accepted to several film festivals and has been nominated for the "Melvin Van Peebles Award"Arnold is passionate about being creative and telling stories in non-traditional methods. He dedicates his time to working on the craft of acting and developing stories about society and minorities experiences in the United States. He has trained at Larry Moss and also under Legendary John Sarno.
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