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Born in Dublin in the '60s, the first nine years of Brian's life were spent in Ireland before his family relocated to North London to set up work in the pub trade. Missing his homeland too much he decided to return home eight years later on his own aged 17, and got to work straight away in everything from catering, labouring, factory work, whatever he could get his hands on.He met his wife Polly in his early twenties and went on to have two sons, Larry and Kevin.Brian was always interested in acting but had never got round to giving it a shot due to family commitments, until one day in his late 30s he finally bit the bullet and signed up for the Introduction To Acting course at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. That was it, he was hooked, and continued his training going from class to class, eventually getting involved in low budget short films and features, and then progressing to TV and bigger budget work. Brian has just finished filming for the latest HBO series Game of Thrones, due to be screened early 2011.
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