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Christopher Maleki

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26 February 1964 USA
Christopher Maleki is a native of Glendale, California. He started acting professionally at the young age of 12. He always knew what he wanted to do. Christopher started working continuously on Teen magazine phase and several series. Then on September 20th 1997 Christopher was working on the show Sliders with fellow actor Ken Steadman when tragedy struck. Ken was the driver of a dune buggy with cameras mounted on; Christopher was a passenger when the vehicle flipped over killing Ken and seriously injuring Christopher. It was a life changing experience. Christopher decided to take a couple of years off and see the world. Since his return Christopher has enjoyed much success. With many films and episodics under his belt, Christopher signed on with the soap Passions where he played the lovable but bad boy Spike. Christopher has been living his dream for many years. With his whole life ahead of him, a new outlook on life, there is nothing that he can't do. Stay tuned.