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Christopher Robin Miller

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
29 May 1969 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
5' 5½" (1.66 m)
Christopher was born in Cambridge, Massachussetts to Robin H. and K. Louise Miller in 1969. After moving in 1972 to Lake Havasu, Arizona, Christopher decided to become an artist, saxophone player, clown and muppeteer, all at the age of 3. He finally settled on acting, singing and dancing in theater, television, film and voice over. His stage debut at the age of 5 as a bunny in the field of poppies in a high school production of "The Wizard of Oz" was a strange beginning. After forgetting the lyrics to his song, he shouted "Stop the music! Start over!" The audience laughed, he cried and ran off stage, and the rest is history. Actually he took a 3 year hiatus from performing until 1977 when he saw a production of Peter Pan. That's when "the bug" took hold and he new that acting was the life for him.Christopher is actually known as a "triple threat". Since his childhood, he has worked as a singer/dancer/actor. While training and performing professionally in such schools and dance companies as Butler Dance Academy, Garth Peay Performing Arts Center and Ballet West (in Salt Lake City, Utah), Christopher landed his first television role in the pilot of the popular TV show "Kids Incorporated" as the drummer for the band of the same name. That same year he performed in the Promised Valley Playhouse production of "Shenandoah" and toured with Ballet West for "The Nutcracker". His love of Musical Theater led him to study at Brigham Young University where he performed in their production of "She Love's Me", played 7 of the 13 roles in the BYU Children's Theatre production of "The Land of Everywhere" with Kiva Jump and Roz Soulam, and danced with the University's Repertoiry Dance Company. He left after only a year due to health problems.After nearly 5 years away from performing, Christopher, now 23, went to every agent in town only to be told " You're not the right look and you're too short to work." Taking the only avenue open to him at the time, he returned to the stage in Pioneer Theatre Company's production of "Fiddler on the Roof" which was attended by the show's Tony and Oscar winning songwriter Jerry Bach. He soon found a professional agent, Linda Bearman (former L.A. agent from Sutton, Barth, Venari - known for her work with the artists and producers from Warner Bros. Hanna Barbera, The Simpsons etc.), who he still works with today. Her tutelage prepared him to work as a versatile artist in the field of commercial and animation voice over which he does to this day. In 1995 he began to study with Scott Ditty (freshly transplanted actor from Los Angeles who studied with Milton Katselas and Jeffrey Tambor of the Beverly Hills Playhouse) and was one of many who helped Mr. Ditty start the Professional Actor's Conservatory of Salt Lake. In 1998, Christopher began to study improvisation with Lincoln Hoppe who ran the infamous Garren's Comedy Troupe and then The Skinny Lincolns. Christopher's comedic genius can be seen at ComedySportz Improv Salt Lake, as well as his many film and TV appearances. Besides teaching workshops in Scene Study, Voice Over and Improvisation, Christopher also writes, produces and directs his sketch comedy show, Chez Comedez, as well as voice over commercials for local, regional and national radio and television all across the continent.
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