David Gleeson

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
21 December 1966 Limerick, Ireland
David Gleeson is 3rd generation cinema. His grandfather opened up a theatre in the early 1940s and his father carried on in the same business, opening up several more screens across rural Ireland. He began his career at the age of 19, writing and directing theatre in Limerick city.A few years later David entered the North Sea oil industry where he worked to finance a short film. So enamored was he of the oil industry (and of the money and time off in particular) that he spent a total of 7 years offshore as a "North Sea tiger". During that time he worked all over the North Sea and made history by being a crew member on the first oil exploration vessel ever to explore deep inside the Arctic Circle.In the mid-90's David went to New York City where he met his producing partner Nathalie Lichtenthaeler. While in NYC they formed Wide Eye Films and produced their first short film together - "Feels Like Home". David wrote and directed one other short film - "Hunted" - prior to his feature debut - "Cowboys & Angels"."Cowboys & Angels" (2003) was released in cinemas across Ireland by Buena Vista Int. The film has been released worldwide and has won 8 international film awards including Best Screenplay at Newport Beach (US) and 2 Gold Medal awards at Giffoni (Italy).David's most recent film is "The Front Line" (2006). Winner of Best Film at the Salerno Film Festival (Italy) and the Bernhard Wicki Preis at Emden (Germany), "The Front Line" is a serious departure from the light hearted nature of "Cowboys".
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