David Knijnenburg photo

David Knijnenburg

Birth name:
David Albertus Trelawney Knijnenburg
Date of Birth:
3 April 1967 Brisbane, Australia
6' 6¾" (2.00 m)
Son of actress Jann Freeman. Brother of actor Nick Knijnenburg. Brother-in-law of actress Cheryl Knijnenburg.David works extensively as a voice and dialect coach, is in demand as a voice-over artist and claims to speak a dozen languages.Although David speaks Dutch, in the 2003 SBS mockumentary series (S)truth his Dutch Politician character Pieter Van Flaschen spends most of his time addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations in French!.In 2004 David played the Vicar in Twelfth Night Theatre's stage production of "Dad's Army" (1968) - the role created by Frank Williams in the long-running BBC TV series written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry. A great success, the play toured Australia and New Zealand. In 2005 David again worked with cast members Chris Betts Steven Tandy, Tony Allcock and Karen Cronein Twelfth Night Theatre's Run For Your Wife directed by Peter Farrago who is David Croft's son-in-law.In 2004 David wrote the stage play Hitchcock & Herrmann about the remarkable relationship between Alfred Hitchcock, the great film Director and Bernard Herrmann, the genius composer and their collaboration on many classic films. The play delves into the comedy of their personalities and the tragedy of their departure. Originally performed as a rehearsed reading with Knijnenburg as Alfred Hitchcock and Yalin Ozucelik as Bernard Herrmann, it was such a success that it was staged as a season - this time with Michael Priest as Herrmann. In 2006 it was nominated for a Matilda Award for Best Playwright against such competition as David Williamson for Amigos. Later that year Knijnenburg was invited to perform Hitchcock & Herrmann at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with Jesse Rosenfeld taking over the role of Herrmann.
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