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David Leon

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1980 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Tyneside, England, UK
David Leon was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne and, as a boy, had no real ambitions to become an actor, being a talented footballer. However, when he left school at age eighteen, rather than go to university, he decided to spend a year in Australia where he met several people from the acting profession and this steered him towards the same career. On his return to England he successfully auditioned for the National Youth Theatre and turned down a place at drama school in order to take small acting roles such as in Oliver Stone's 'Alexander', though he established himself with British television audiences in the Bafta nominated drama 'Cutting It' and in 2007 starred as Billy the Kid in a BBC film about the Wild West. He played the lead character in renowned photographer Rankins debut feature 'The Lives of the Saints' written by Toni Grisoni and appeared in Guy Ritchies Empire award-winning Rock'n'Rolla in which he plays Scottish junkie Malcolm. He is beginning to be regarded as one of the UK's brightest up and coming talents.
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