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Don Kress

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5' 11" (1.80 m)
Don Kress is a student of business and psychology and has been successful in his own advertising agency.After working as an actor in several feature film productions, Don was told that he had a great on camera look, and that he should pursue an acting career.Now, the "DON Of Chicago" is totally committed to his new career, continues his acting classes, and keeps his craft sharp. Whether film, TV, or web series, He is passionate with his acting, and can "Bring it!". Don is constantly seeking new films and TV auditions, and is frequently cast to play another role, in another new project. He likes keeping close with many of the talented actors, directors, and producers that he meets, on the way.As a very creative, funny and talented personality, Don enjoys the art of improvisation, and always gives his audience a stellar performance.