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Having published 12 books in the last decade, former serviceman Dougie Brimson has emerged as one of the most prolific authors in Britain. After 18 years serving with the RAF, including both the Falklands and Gulf conflicts, his writing career began in 1996 when, after a short spell working as a TV and film extra where he collected an impressive list of credits including Jonathan Creek, Casualty, Between The Lines, Dangerfield, The Bill, and Reeves and Mortimer as well as feature films such as Judge Dread, The Fifth Element, Goldeneye and In Hitler's Shadow (later renamed The Infiltrator), he co-wrote the best-selling non-fiction work Everywhere We Go. This groundbreaking book examined the culture of football and has become essential reading for anyone with an interest in the game and its supporters. Three further non-fiction books followed and their success established the author as one of the worlds leading authorities on the issue of football hooliganism but in 1998, Dougie took a radical change of direction with the release of his first solo project, The Geezers Guide To Football. A comic parody of lads and their relationship with the great game. This book received widespread critical and public acclaim yet Dougie avoided the temptation to build on that when, in September 1999, he released The Crew. A hard-hitting thriller originally conceived following a meeting with the TV writer, Lynda La Plante. The book was an instant success and is currently being adapted for the big screen by Purpleheart Entertainment in England. March 2000 saw a return to non-fiction with Barmy Army. A book described by one reviewer as the definitive examination of football and its culture. However, the success of this book merely spawned another change of direction and a welcome return to his comedy roots with Billy's Log. A lighthearted look at the hardships of life as a single male. Released in October 2000, the book was described by one reviewer as 'Bridget Jones's Diary meets Fever Pitch' and is currently in development with funding from the British Screen Council. In March 2001, Dougie released his third book in 12 months, a thriller entitled Top Dog. Set amongst the world of organised hooliganism in and around the East End of London, it has been reviewed as possibly the greatest ever work of football related fiction. With his ninth book out of the way, Dougie switched his attention to screenwriting and wrote his first full-length feature with Oscar nominated director Lexi Alexander. Entitled Hooligans, the movie starred Elijah Wood and was a huge success winning numerous awards including 'Best Feature' at SXSW.His tenth book, Eurotrashed, was published in March 2003. His sixth non-fiction book, it examines the worrying spread of hooliganism across Europe. Kicking Off -an examination of racism in football- followed shortly afterward with Dougie's most recent book, book Rebellion - the history of fan protests- published in 2006.All of Dougies works have been published around the world in countries ranging from Russia to Greece!A former advisor to both the British governments working group into football disorder and the European commissions' football group, he is widely acknowledged within the media as one of the leading experts on the culture of both 'lads' and football. As a result, he has forged a reputation as a forthright and humorous talk show guest and his ability to discuss a wide range of issues whilst providing both strong opinion and ready wit continues to draw admiring comment from both producers and presenters alike. It also ensures that he is in constant demand.Aside from writing, Dougie has not been shy in branching out into other areas of the media. He has co-hosted a late night comedy show for 963 Liberty Radio, wrote and presented sports films for Bravo Television and produced and presented The Stock Car Show, a 6 part series for Granada Men & Motors. In 2001, again for Granada, he co-produced and presented Madder Maxx, a 13 part series examining the diverse world of British motorsport. A role he is perfectly suited to having been involved with grass roots motor-racing for many years including successful spells in Autocross, hot rods, banger racing and Stock Cars.Amongst many other projects, Dougie is currently producing 'Brisca Formula One racing' for Channel 5 and is working on his thirteenth book.An ex-Serviceman and highly qualified engineer, Dougie is an avid motorcyclist and is happily married to Tina. They have three children and one grandchild.
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