Gerald McRaney photo

Gerald McRaney

Birth name:
Gerald Lee McRaney
Date of Birth:
19 August 1947 Collins, Mississippi, USA
6' 1" (1.85 m)
McRaney holds the distinction of being the last guest star to meet "Matt Dillon" in a gunfight on "Gunsmoke" (1955) - in the episode "Hard Labor", first broadcast February 24, 1975 (he lost). In fact, in the early portion of Gerald McRaney's career he almost always played the villain; but, since his first series, "Simon & Simon" (1981), hit it big, he's played mostly good guys. The character of passionate but irresponsible "Rick Simon" gave McRaney the opportunity to play a dramatic role with a comedic edge. A second hit series, "Major Dad" (1989), showcased his talent for comedy. McRaney met and fell in love with fellow southerner Delta Burke when she guest-starred on "Simon & Simon" (1981). He later appeared on her series, "Designing Women" (1986), as her ex-husband, although it is an unwritten rule that actors with current series don't do guest roles; they were married not long after.