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Irene Tsu

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
5 April 1943 Shanghai, China
5' 4" (1.63 m)
Born April 5th 1943 in Shanghai, China, of a banker father and a painter mother. The family left China for Taiwan then Hong Kong when the Communists took over. Later immigrated to New York City where Irene attended Mamoroneck Elementary and studied Ballet. She was a teenage dancer in "Flower Drum Song", directed by Henry Koster. He gave her her first speaking role as a teenage prostitute in his next film "Take her, She's mine" starring Jimmy Stewart & Sandra Dee and launched her career in acting. She studied acting with Ned Maderino, Lee Strasberg, Peggy Fury and others and for the next 20 years she played an assortment of "native girls" and "daughter roles", and was the TV spokeswoman for "Chevron Island" Standard Oil, as well as "Hawaiian Punch". She became a leading actress and worked with some of the biggest names in the business, from Elvis Presley to John Wayne to Jeff Bridges. and Richard DreyfussThe 90s saw Irene mature into roles as professionals, such as doctor, lawyer and mother. She guest starred as Garrett Wang's mother in "star-Trek Voyager" Ming Na's mom in "Single Guy", the judge in "Mary Kaye Letourneau Story", "CSI- NY", "Division", "Strong Medicine" etc. She also appeared in the Peter Chan hit Hong Kong film "Comrades,an Almost Love Story" and "Golden Chicken"For the past decade Irene has been a successful Realtor in Beverly Hills. She enjoys helping people to realize their dreams whether by finding them their first condo or selling their multi-million dollar family estate or helping them invest in income properties. Irene is a single mother to nine-year-old Yasmine and a yoga practitioner for 25 years. She teaches Bikram yoga for the Beverly Hills Department of Parks.
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