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J. Nathan Simmons

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6 May 1968 Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
J. Nathan Simmons was born in Oklahoma. He has traveled with his family all over the world. He has always had a wonder-lust for life and an imagination to go with it. He has worked with electronics for most of his life but also has a need to be creative. Then he got into working in film and television and he was hooked. He loves all aspects of the film and television industries. He went to school in Dallas, Texas for Video Technology. Tuscon, Arizona for scriptwriting and audio/visual. Fell in love with the film industry in 1988 and has been working in various capacities for the remaining years up to now. He founded NewMexicoActors.com in 2000, to put the fellow co-workers talents and skills on the World Wild Web so that all can see. He works on his own projects, ones of friends, along with the independent and industry motion pictures & television shows. He continues working in the film industry to this day.