James Jordan

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
14 March 1979 Houston, Texas, USA
James was born James Jordan on the 14th of March 1979, in Texas, and experienced most of his childhood in the wild west wastelands of Midland Texas,the mountains of Evergreen Colorado, and the textbook suburbs of Austin Texas. In the early 90s, James moved to the small town of Webb City Missouri with his beloved mother and sister. James was considered an outstanding student in Junior High and High School, and though trying his best in extracurricular sports, James was at his best on stage. James delved his energy into drama and forensics. James was the President of the Thespian Society, and also a school Champion in Debate/Forensics. James graduated high school in 1997 and entered the fall semester at Missouri Southern University as a Theatre major. While at Southern, James appeared in close to forty plays, as well as directing two for the main-stage season his senior year. In 2002, James graduated with his BA and applied to graduate school to continue his study of acting. After being accepted to the the best MFA programs in the country that emphasize both academic and practical application of the craft, James was asked to attend UCLA to continue his studies. In the fall of 2002 he began training for his MFA with such notable professionals/teachers as Mel Shaprio, Gil Cates, Leon Katz, Salome Jens, and April Shawhan, among others. UCLA exposed James to not only stage work but also the mediums of film and television. In 2004 he was awarded the Sir Ian Mckellen award in acting from UCLA, and also began work on Daniel Keleher's critically acclaimed play "Kindred." James originated the role of Alan, and eventually went on to play the role professionally for the next two years through out Los Angeles. Critical praise and a positive work ethic garnered James representation from agents and management, and eventually work in the film and TV world...only two weeks upon graduating with his MFA from UCLA. Which, according to the actor," ...was the most satisfying accomplishment of my life...as of yet." James looks to reprise the role of Alan in the future, as well as continue to surprise audiences and himself with eclectic and interesting roles in film and television. James counts his friends and family as his biggest influence. James lives a bachelor's life in Los Angeles.
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