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Action! That is Jodi(Wilson) Brockton's favorite word in the dictionary. Growing up with four brothers with acres of fun in South Lyon Michigan, Jodi learned a lot about the stunt/ movie business before she ever knew that would be her lot in life. Dirt bikes, snowmobiles, skiing, skating, biking, and a natural ability with horses assisted her in accomplishing many awards and accolades in her youth. Jodi was also featured in the high school yearbook for her involvement in the fitness movement of the 80's and was considered the "Jane Fonda" of her high school. She transitioned into the fitness field as a leader and personal trainer. Jodi moved to Florida in the early 90's. She was discovered while competing in a fitness competition by a producer for the American Gladiators and from there was introduced to the world of T.V. and film. Jodi skyrocketed to success with feature films such as Wild Things, Instinct, All About The Benjamin's, The In Crowd, The Crew, The Disciples, just to name a few, and television series such as Maximum Bob, Sins of the City. She moved to Los Angeles to further her career where she enjoyed success in film and television. She worked on award winning shows such as ER, C.S.I., Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, The Mentalist and many more. The film work has been wonderful too with credits such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Serenity, Surrogates and Law Abiding Citizens. In her career she has doubled many beautiful women such as Laura Allen, Melinda Clarke, Sophia Vergara, Kelly Preston, Kate Luyben, Sarah Paulson, Carrie Ann Moss, Radah Mitchell and, on many occasions, Denise Richards. Jodi continues to work as a stunt-woman and now a bit of acting but has turned her passion into writing, producing and directing. Ms. Brockton 2nd unit directed a scene in Abigail and she is in the process of filming a docudrama "From Boys To Men". Jodi enjoys her exciting life in Los Angeles with her 7 year old son, Jackson and her fiancé James Lew.
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