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Kamel is Belgian citizen born in Tunisia and raised in Brussels, Kamel began training with Van Damme, who was only 13 at that time. They soon became best friends. As Van Damme made a name for himself in Hollywood, Kamel was invited by the burgeoning film star to join him at the Cannes Film Fest in 1989. The producer Mark DiSalle spotted Van Damme's constant companion and approached Kamel, insisting that he appear with Van Damme in "Death Warrant". For DiSalle it was a casting coup, but for Kamel it was the answer to his dreams. Kamel, who owned a restaurant in Brussels at that time, had found his true calling and followed Van Damme to America. During his Hollywood apprenticeship, Kamel became Van Damme's personal trainer. All the while Kamel also appeared in many films of the Belgian idol's starring vehicles, "Death Warrant", "Lionheart", "Double Impact", "universal Soldier", "Maximum Risk", "The Legionaire". In Hollywood, Kamel's reputation preceeded him, leading to the mentorship of another international action star, Steven Seagal. While working with segal, he took a part in Seagal's first blockbuster,"Under Siege" directed by Andy Davis (" The Fugitive"). Kamel appears in TV series as a guest star in "Bay Watch" , "Thunder In Paradise" and Commercials Because response to his work in "kickboxer IV" has been tremendous, Stephen J. Friedman CEO of King's Road-the film's production company - Offer to signed with Kamel a four picture deal, at that time Kamel choose to accept another offer from Mario Kassar.
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