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Born in Quebec City, Michael was fortunate enough to grow up in diverse regions of the world and across four continents.After pursuing his scholarship at L'Université de Montréal, the multilingual actor joined The Dome Theatre where he was introduced to the performing arts for the first time (Alumni 2007 - Merit of Excellence). His talent and dedication for the craft were recognized from the very first stages of his career as the faculty called upon the young actor to interpret the leading role in all of their 5 productions.His Dome credits extend from comedy to contemporary & classical drama - including such roles as Shakespeare's young lover Orlando in As You Like It (2006), David Edgar's vigilant Professor Katz in Pentecost (2007), and Tennessee William's poetic yet candid Valentine Xavier in Orpheus Descending (2007). Upon graduation, Repercussion Theatre immediately snapped up Mando for the title role in Molière's physical comedy, Les Fourberies de Scapin (2007). The company successfully led the promising team to its first bilingual production all the while earning a record breaking 5 MECCA awards nominations, and an invitation to remount the show the upcoming season.After taking a few months off to tour China, Mando focused his energy on yet another leading role: interpreting a character 10 years his elder, in the award nominated political drama by David Gow, Relative Good (2008 - Centaur Theatre). Again, his performance was received with great praise by audiences and critics alike (sold out/overcapacity in the last weeks) - firmly establishing him as a promising newcomer from Montreal and earning high recommendation by some of the city's top Artistic Directors.Following his theater breakthrough, Michael turned his energy towards film and television. His success immediately followed, as he completed a series of contracts on such shows as the up and coming crime series The Bridge (2010), the mini-series Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures (2010), the TV feature Web of Lies (2009), two appearances on Canadian TV series The Border (2008), and the second season opener of Flashpoint (2009), among others. He will also be starring in both the French and English version of the thriller Feature Territories/Territoires (2010) to be released in April. His TV roles, like his theatre credits, reflect a tremendous range of characters from multiple nationalities and walks of life: from FBI Detective to ruthless Drug Lord, from Political Activist to Bohemian Poet, from successful Business Man falsely imprisoned to a Humanitarian Doctor, and Art Historian.Michael Mando is also the Artistic Director and Head-Founder of Red Barlo Productions, a film and television company established in Montreal. Their first project, Conditional Affection (2010) has made the official selection of The New Hope Film Festival and The Bare Bones International Festival. They are in full production of their next project, Abyss of the Mind (2010), a visual and psychological thriller about the collapse of existentialism in a capitalist society.His impressive accomplishments in such short time demonstrate his admirable work ethic, inquisitive nature and exceptional rate of assimilation - as he continues his pursuit of knowledge and growth as an artist in the hopes to give back and make a positive difference in the world.
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