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Michael Woods

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10 July 1957 Detroit, Michigan, USA
Michael Woods was born in Detroit, Michigan to Dr. Joseph and Dorothy Woods. He is a theatre trained actor who received his BFA in drama from The University of Detroit/Marygrove College, where in 1977 he won the ACTF Kennedy Center honor for "The Brig". Michael then did regional theatre in such plays as the Mark Medoff premiere of "The Halloween Bandit" and Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". He received rave reviews opposite Ed Harris in "Scar" at The Met Theatre. In 1981 he got his big break with a contract role on the day time drama "All My Children" (1970). He subsequently starred in five prime time television series, including "Bare Essence" (1983) with Ian McShane and "Our Family Honor" (1985) with legendary veteran actor Eli Wallach. The series also marked the series debuts of Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen. He starred in his own critically acclaimed series for NBC, "Private Eye" (1987) which co-starred Josh Brolin. In addition Michael has starred in numerous MOWs and Miniseries, most notably Herman Wouk's sweeping epic "War and Rememberance" (1988), playing son to Robert Mitchum and husband to Sharon Stone, and "Shadow of the Cobra" (1989). with 'Rachel Ward'. His feature film credits include "Lady Beware" (1987) opposite Diane Lane. Most recently Michael has starred in several movies for Lifetime Television and can bee seen on "The Closer" (2005) with Kyra Sedgwick.
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