Pia Mechler

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
19 February 1983 Germany
Of German, Chilean, Polish and Scottish heritage, Pia Maria Patricia Mechler speaks 5 languages fluently and began her career in front of a still camera as a model, gracing the covers of high fashion magazines and working the runways of Paris and Milan as a teen. At 18 she moved to Denmark after applying and being one of the very limited students accepted to attend the European Film College, where she completed a two-year curriculum focusing on performance and writing, but which also included Film History and editing intensives. Upon her return to Berlin after graduating, she was approached while literally walking down the street one day, to read for a highly rated German television series. She was offered and took, the large recurring guest role.Six months later,in late 2004, Pia decided to explore her performing nature even further and took up an invitation to join an all male, 5 member band who was gearing up in Portugal and subsequently got signed to Universal Music. The band toured and gained radio and MTV airplay. In 2006, returning to Germany, the ever-more-worldly Pia joined the (Special Coaching) Actor's Studio in Berlin. She applied and was accepted by the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York City, however family commitments prevented her from moving to States, so she instead remained in Berlin to pursue her acting career there. In mid 2007 she landed her first role in a movie for television in London and a mere couple of months later,was then cast in the lead role of the British indie film "Invisible Eyes".
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