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Roshawn Franklin

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
27 June 1982 Forrest City, Arkansas, USA
6' 2" (1.88 m)
Roshawn Franklin was born in Forrest City, Arkansas, on June 27, 1982, to Gwendolyn Franklin. She was 21 years of age when she gave birth to him, and he is her only child. With no choice but to raise him by herself due to his father not being in his life. She decided the best thing for her to do was to move away from Chicago, Illinois, and in with her sister, in Pomona, California, a tough Los Angeles suburb. By the time Roshawn was 10 years old he found himself heading down the wrong path, and getting into trouble at school, and getting involved with local gangs. Until one day his fifth grade teacher Ms. Sheffield, saw something different, and believed that he could do better. She gave him the task of playing the lead in a school play, playing the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming black history month play. His performance brought everyone to tears and received a standing ovation. He loved that feeling, and that was the spark he needed, in order to change direction in life. From that moment forward he saw another way, something different that he could become, and that's when his dream to become a movie star one day began. His mother had no idea on how to get her son involved in acting, and did not have the time to make that commitment due to her working two jobs. And very quickly a new dream, a new passion took over, and that was playing NBA basketball, but always in the back of his mind he knew what his first love was.After graduating high school and having basketball scholarships fall through, he experienced very hard times from seeing his mother go through a divorce and financial hardships. He looked back to his dream of acting as his only hope to getting himself and his mother in a better situation. Determined to become an actor, he took on Hollywood full steam never to look back. He started to sneak on studio sets and back stages gathering up as much information as he could from who ever he could. Soon after that his first agent discovered him while he was cracking jokes, and making everyone laugh on an elevator in Hollywood. The agent believed in him and signed him right away, and the rest is history.Since then he has appeared in many top television shows, national commercials and films. He is also creating, producing and writing film projects.
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