Rupert Wyatt

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
26 October 1972 England, UK
Rupert Wyatt is the co-founder of Picture Farm, the award winning London & New York based production collective which includes film makers Adrian Sturges and Ben Freedman, Damian Lewis and Gareth Lewis, and Marc Singer. In its 8 year history Picture Farm has produced short films, documentaries, and features including: Dark Days (2000), Hotel Infinity (2004), Out There (2006) The Baker (2007). and most recently The Escapist (2008)Wyatt studied Film in Paris and while at University started writing for producers Claudie Ossard and Jean-Pierre Ramsay. This was followed by 5 years of writing and developing features in New York for companies Shooting Gallery, Miramax and Radical Media.Between 2000-2005 he worked in London and Liverpool directing episodic television and developing his own scripts through UK Film Council lottery funded the Film Consortium and with producers Adrian Sturges, Simon Relph and Michael Kuhn.He is currently developing the follow up to his debut Feature The Escapist which stars Brian Cox, Damian Lewis and Joseph Fiennes and which is schedule for a March 2008 UK release.
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