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Ted Arcidi

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16 June 1958 Buffalo, New York, USA
Ted Arcidi was born in Buffalo, New York on 16 June 1958. The son of a nurse and doctor & one of seven siblings, Ted took a different route from the family's academia tradition. He left Tuft's dental University to land a spot on the US Powerlifting team and became the first man to bench press 700lbs. With all the media hype and excitement surrounding that historic lift, (he broke the old record by 35lbs.) he was drafted into the WWF and toured as a pro wrestler for 3 year. To get away from those 20-30 day road trips and raise his 2 sons, he hung up the wrestling boots and decided to immerse himself into Film & TV acting. Today he regularly works between NYC & Boston while raising his 2 boys and running his fitness store.