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Release Date:
26 May 2020
Comedy / Drama
30 min

In Hollywood you're only as good as your last flick, and Dragonfire Films exec Peter Dragon has hit bottom with his $150 million bomb "Slow Torture." His only hope to get back to the way things were is the shoot-'em-up film "Beverly Hills Gun Club," and the only person that will help him is ex-child star turned hooker Wendy Ward.

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  • Season 1 12 episodes


1 Pilot 1999-09-16
On his way to the premiere of his latest action movie, "Slow Torture", producer Peter Dragon accidentally picks up a…
2 One Easy Piece
Stuart is considering a job offer to become head of comedy for UPN. Reagan is being difficult while shooting a…
3 Blood Money 1999-09-23
On Monday, Bobby G. tells Peter to raise $50 million before Friday or he won't back the "Beverly Hills Gunclub".…
4 Blowhard 1999-09-30
Sandra Bullock bursts into Peter Dragon's office having discovered that he is selling a sex tape secretly filmed while they…
6 Twelfth Step to Hell 1999-10-28
7 Dragon's Blood
Peter Dragon finds no bankable director will commit to Beverly Hills Gunclub until he meets with the reclusive Titus Scroad.…
8 Love Sucks
9 Strong Sexual Content 1999-12-02
A rumor about Peter Dragon ending up in hospital with a frog in his behind spreads like wildfire. Meanwhile, a…
10 Lights, Camera, Action! 1999-12-02
It's the first day of shooting and naturally nothing goes right, leading to heart troubles for Peter Dragon. Holden is…
11 Dead Man Floating 2000-08-29
13 The Last Ride of the Elephant Princess
After hiring the last available director on the list, Guy Rennolds and inadvertently investing his own money into Beverly Hills…


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