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Release Date:
20 Sep 2019
Drama / Mystery
60 min

With the subtleness of the invisible and the potential deadliness greater than a bomb, disease can the most dangerous threat of all. When such outbreaks occur, an elite team of medical investigators from the National Institutes of Health lead by Dr. Stephen Connor is on the case to get to the bottom of the danger anywhere in the country. However, the medical situation is only part of the problem as their public relations officer simultaneously attempts to control to prevent public panic and complicate things still more.

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  • Season 1 20 episodes


1 You're Not Alone 2004-09-09
When people in New York City start turning the color blue, the NIH team is called upon to help cure…
2 In Bloom 2004-09-10
3 Coming Home 2004-09-17
4 Escape 2004-09-24
5 Progeny 2004-10-01
6 Team 2004-10-15
7 Alienation 2004-10-29
8 Mutation 2004-11-05
9 Little Girl 2004-11-12
10 Price of Pleasure 2004-11-19
11 The Unclean 2004-12-03
12 Spiked 2005-01-07
13 Tribe 2005-01-14
14 Ice Station 2005-01-28
15 Mousetrap 2005-02-04
16 Survivor 2005-02-11
A business woman complains to a night janitor in New York that she can't move her legs. She's the third…
17 Half Life 2005-02-18
18 Black Book 2005-02-25
19 Mission La Roca: Part 1 2005-03-18
20 Mission La Roca: Part 2 2005-03-25


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